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News & Special Events

Better Late Than Never

Who knew easter would be in March! Geez!! But we shall celebrate the bunny in April. Wear your ears, your bunny tail, your favorite pastel heels, or fuzzy socks for this Socks & Heels theme class. Costumes of course are not required. (but a super fun option)


 In this Open Level low pole dance class students will learn combos that fluidly move from floor to pole. Participants are encouraged to wear knee pads and platform-style heels to the class, but it is not mandatory. Those who choose to wear heels will be working on the front box of the shoe, and for those who do not wear heels…fuzzy socks are always welcome! This class is a fun and flirty way to explore sensual movement and express all your different personalities! Or just an opportunity to get your wiggle on. Choreography will be easily broken down to make accessible for all levels. 

Let's Deal With Those Tootsies

 How can you improve your toe point? Are there exercises to strengthen and increase your ankle mobility? Why do my feet cramp all the time? Here are a few of the things that we will address and work on in this Pop - Up. Learn techniques that you can practice at home or in the studio so that your instructor stops harping on you in class for that dead fish looking foot hanging off your leg. More importantly learn techniques to help keep your feet and ankles strong so you can avoid those annoying rolled ankles and arch cramps. This is an open level class designed for anyone who wants to put a little extra energy and focus into those tootsies.

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Take The First Step

Try Pole and Aerial Arts for the first time with no pressure.  

3 - 90 Minute Classes for $75

Intro to Pole - Beginner Silks - Beginner Hoop

Beginner Hammock - Flexibility - Chair Dancing

Rope - Trapeze...... and More

The Journey Begins When You......
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