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Welcome To A Different Kind of Pole Studio

The Believe Pole Program was founded on the idea that there is a pole dancer  inside of all of us regardless of age, size, or fitness level. We believe that with the right instruction, even the klutzy, the dorky and the uncoordinated can find their voice and style through pole and fitness and truly become a pole artist in their own right. Thousands of men and women have experienced our magic over the last 12 years and have helped us build one of the most recognized and established studios in California. 


From the moment you walk into the studio, you're home. From the friendly faces that greet you to the exquisitely decorated lobby and studios, you can feel and sink into the inviting decadent atmosphere. Enthusiastic, friendly teachers will show you how easy and fun it can be to learn to dance in a place free from judgment or competitiveness.


Keep reading to learn more about out 

Drop In and Progressive Series Classes 

Intro To Pole

  If you have finally decided that it’s time to try pole …..
then this is where it all starts!

    Not sure what to expect? This is a friendly, low pressure class where you can take your first baby steps into this beautiful and welcoming art form.

    Intro to pole is a one- time introductory *DISCOUNTED class designed for those who are completely new to pole or to our studio. It allows you to meet our staff, experience our gorgeous studio and see exactly what our program is all about. This class gives you a good idea of what your first class in the 6 week series is going to be like. You will get a great workout, learn your first pole trick and have plenty of times to ask questions afterwards.

    This class is for everyone,
regardless of previous dance experience or fitness level. 

    Get ready to discover the joy and excitement of pole dancing in a fun and supportive environment.

*Purchase for an Intro to Pole Class CANNOT
be used for any class other than "Intro To Pole"


Share Your Pole

 Trying something new for the first time can always be a bit daunting.

We can always come up with a million reasons "not to try."  For those of you who are a little nervous and need to bring some support with you.


Try our “Share Your Pole” program.

Sign up for an Intro class and bring a friend to cheer you on or to join you in the fun for no additional charge! Class sizes are kept very small so if you would like to “Share Your Pole” then please contact the studio at to make the 2nd reservation for your buddy.

Students who show up with a friend without reservation cannot be guaranteed a space.

Believe Drop In Pole Classes

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Believe Pole Series Classes

     Series classes are designed to allow you to build your skill sets in a safe and consistent format. Same faces each week become fast friends. There is no feeling like being that new person each week. Regular 90 minute classes allow time to review and to discover new strengths and skills you never thought you had in a progressive, playful, comfortable environment. Discover or continue with this amazing art form in an atmosphere that encourages community and fun. Learn to build your strength, confidence, and creativity on the pole in a way that makes sense for your body.


     Strong is absolutely the new sexy.

Beginner 1 Pole Series

Beginner Part 1: This is where your pole journey begins...

This class is for the beginner and first time poler!  This progressive series class is all about discovering the fun of flying on the pole. It covers the basics and provides you with the foundation for a fabulous practice. Each class begins with a sexy yet body-changing work out on the mat which is followed by pole time. Here is where you learn different ways to walk, slide, climb, sit, and spin around the pole. We will explore all the ways we can hold the pole to change our spins and make our bodies move in more graceful, fluid ways. You'll always have lots of time to practice and ask questions. Each class ends with guided dance time to help you learn to thread your own moves together.


All pole series and supplemental pole classes at Believe are capped at 6-7 students. We provide you with an intimate, safe space to explore your, silly, your strong, and your sensual.


No prior experience necessary, just a desire to learn and have fun.

Beginner 2 Pole Series

Beginner Part 2: Taking the next step...


Welcome to part 2 of Believe’s progressive beginner series. Now we start to build on your pole foundation. Here we start to expand your Beginner 1 vocabulary, giving you even more words to tell your story while on the pole. You will begin to work on basic transitions and more challenging spins and climbs. This is also where you will start your gentle introduction into the upside down!

How amazing are you gonna be after this!!


As always, pole series and supplemental pole classes at Believe are capped at 6-7 students. We provide you with an intimate, safe space to explore your, silly, your strong, and your sensual

Intermediate 1 Pole Series

First you crawl, walk, spin, climb, .......and now it’s time to learn how to fly!

In Intermediate 1 you will really start to feel that empowerment that only pole can offer.

Spins will start to feel like breathing, and you will truly start to move up and down the pole with confidence.

This Progressive Series teaches you the critical foundations for safe inversions and will introduce you to beautiful poses higher on the pole. Each week we will build on the week before taking you slowly and safely into climbs and tricks that involve hooking with the backs of knees and shapes that introduce inverted leg and body holds on the pole. Intermediate 1 will also focus on creative transitions in and out of your existing vocabulary. Here we start to emphasize the idea of “Dancing in the Air”. You will begin to take your inversions and sequences higher up the pole and truly begin to experience flight!

As always, pole series and supplemental pole classes at Believe are capped at 6-7 students. We provide you with an intimate, safe space to explore your, silly, your strong, and your sensual.

Intermediate 2 Pole Series
Advanced Pole Series

Please Contact the Studio For More Information Regarding Registration. 

"I started pole in my mid-50’s.  I figured I would be the oldest woman in class and that it would be weird.  I was the oldest woman in class, and it was wonderful!  When you’re starting, everyone, at every age, is a beginner.  And in the super-supportive, empowering environment of pole class, you all get stronger and more capable and more confident together.  It is the best thing I ever did to look and feel younger!

Lynn - 66

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