Trampoline Jumping Fitness



Trampoline Jumping Fitness

AntiGravity Aerial Yoga_secondry_imageJumping Fitness is a unique form of trampoline cardio fitness!

These classes incorporate challenging, fun, and dynamic movements set to a mix of high energy music. This fantastic low impact, high-intensity training has proven benefits for your body and overall health. Rebounding is known to be beneficial for the lymphatic system, cardiovascular health, increasing bone density, and activates up to 400 muscle connections in the body.

Jumping Fitness uses specially designed hexagonal shaped trampolines with a bungee support system to provide the ideal resistance against the body while jumping. This 1 hour class will be sure to make you laugh, sweat, and leave you wanting more!

All Levels Welcome!
Ages 14 and up.
Must wear supportive sneakers, bring a towel.
No bare feet, open toe shoes, or just socks allowed.

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